Eftalou, Greece

Sunday, April 15, 2018 to Saturday, April 21, 2018

The three day Continuation is optional for those who attend the the first week and would like to take their practice to a deeper level.

Where to start

It all started with an asana, discover and uncover your stiff limbs, your fearful mind holding on to what you thought you got.
How does it all got so petrified, like the petrified forest near Eressos....and you keep being involved with this asana, while studying the feelings inside.

Yoga is more than a pose

Here, after living in Greece for such a long period of my life, suddenly a proud feeling comes over me, for a Dutch team has scored and won... And why? I do ask myself. After all I do not care about sports. And worse: I do not like Holland either and I am happier here in this country that has been scrutenized to bits by the EU and most of the world that is ruled by economics.


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