Saturday, October 17, 2015 to Sunday, October 18, 2015

A session with Victor is a Journey of Discovery.
Don’t expect commands or instructions, there will be no warriors here!
Rather expect invitations to explore your own potential, to deeply explore your body from the inside out Through connecting to the energy body, that life force essence that animates the physical for the journey from birth to the greatest adventure, you create space and move- ment getting in touch with the sacred through self-discovery.
It is about the essence of yoga and not about the style you practice.

We are all driftwood

On many different shores we find ourselves, coming from just another place. Maybe we will be picked up, maybe left to weather.
But we all are driftwood and wake up to the fact that we are here.
Not just "them" stranded here on Lesvos, the no-mans land that the EU created, a buffer zone, making criminals out of asylum seekers( a criminal becomes a criminal after creating a crime). But we forget that we are all driftwood, floating to different directions, becoming aware of different shores....longing to be connected.

Spring thought

We are the children of what was before. Who came before us and gave us our present life. In us everything comes together and mixes into what we are. Under the sun, the earth-heat of life moves up like smoke to dissolve into the receiving sky, the eternal green hunting grounds of our forefathers.
In their godlike status they watch over us, while floating on our breath, the spirit birds encircle us.
We stay on the earth and bring our attention to the meeting point, to the Great Mixer that holds us together for as long as is needed.


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