"Your contribution to me is so great, it will take a lifetime to fully integrate, assimilate it all. My body thanks you. My heart loves and laughs with you."


"Thanks for sharing all this 'good stuff' that gradually makes all the previous meaningless teachings of yoga fade away and be replaced by what makes so much more sense for me and makes me feel wonderful!"

Jonathan, Tri Yoga

"Once in a while exceptional teachers come our way who inspire and open new doors for us. Angela & Victor [now in their 70’s] have been at the cutting edge of yoga for 50 years. Drawing on their wealth of experience and working between the form and the formless they invite us to deepen and explore from the authentic heart of our own practice.
A session with Angela and Victor is not so much Yoga as a Journey of Discovery.


"Class with Angela and Victor is getting to take the journey that I have always craved with the ultimate guides. They let me linger and explore hidden places, they walk with me to incredible vistas. Best of all, they give me back to myself by their quality of attention. With them I am given a taste of true freedom. There is no turning back towards a yoga practice which does not serve this in me. They do this so beautifully with love, simplicity, and clarity. More devoted and deeply integrated teaching I need not seek."


"Thanks so much for the opportunity to receive the message and experience the abundant love prevailing throughout the entire four days."


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