My brother David

From Harbin we went up to Vancouver Island, BC, Canada to see my brother David and his wife Ulana. Here is David. He is a professor of Oceanography now retired and his passion is photographing birds and animals in Nature.
Ulana is a doctor and a great cook so we enjoyed good food and stayed in their beautiful house in the room my parents lived in for many years.

My brother David

This is the church of St. Stephen where my parents worshipped and shared in the community life for many years. It is the oldest church in British Columbia.

Their ashes are interred in the yard behind... a place they chose for the peace and beauty and beautiful view of rolling hills.

Harbin Hot Springs, California

It is a long and winding drive up into the hills from the wine-country of Calistoga to Harbin's hidden valley. Once there the peace and beauty began to work its magic again as I slipped into those warm and healing waters. It seems to be one of those rare places where the plants, the trees and the animals live in harmony with humans. The deer and wild turkeys like us wander around the property eating, resting and connecting with each other with ease and a simple reverence for life.

Picture of Harbin hot pool

Harbin hot pool

Picture of Three happy women at Harbin Retreat!

Three happy women at Harbin Retreat!

Picture of End of the Retreat celebrations and bubbles from Dorthe to mark my 75th Birthday!

End of the Retreat celebrations and bubbles from Dorthe to mark my 75th Birthday!

Picture of Patricia and Angela at the end of the retreat.

Patricia and Angela at the end of the retreat.

Albuquerque workshop: "reunion of friends"

Even the weather was refreshing during these wonderful four days in which our friendship became the binding force to shedding new light onto the practice of yoga, in which the breath became the leading force by which we traveled into our inner world. With many thanks to Rama Jyoti Vernon for connecting all of us with the knowledge from the Vedas. A great compliment to our friends Zoreh and Charlie, who went out of their way to make this event a great success!

Rochester course

This is the familiar view that I have seen for many years and now that the leaves have fallen and Mark and Carrie are in the process of selling their house, this is my goodbye to this house also! Thank you Mark for your work to get this course up and running. I really did enjoy seeing all the people that came to your studio....With love, Victor.


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